This website will provide you a brief introduction to life at DIHS, the courses and programs. Our career-focused Programs are designed to equip you with the knowledge, experience and confidence to succeed in today’s job market. We educate leaders who make a difference in the world. Alongside this, we see our students as unique individuals, and guide them in developing their self-confidence, maturity, knowledge, study and life skills.

Our motive is to provide professional and high quality education and prepare our graduates for the upcoming challenges in health care system. Our faculty is eminently qualified and committed to provide students with the essential academic professional and personal skills required for competing in today’s challenging employment environment. In addition to teaching and mentoring of students our faculty members prove to be avid consumers as well as producers of research helping them staying current in their academic disciplines. We encourage you to visit our magnificent campuses, inspect our facilities, meet with our members of staff/faculty and discover for yourself why DIHS should be your first choice.