Lady Health Visitor (LHV) - Courses

First Year

Sr. no.Courses
1.English 1
2.Obstetrics/ Gynae
3.Obstetrics/ Gynae Nursing
 Practical viva and Osce

Second Year

Sr.NoCoursesTotal credit hoursTheory hoursPractical hours
1.Introduction to public health and community health practice623230
2.Mother health practice6666
3.Family planning1212
4.Child health practice5050
5.School health services1111
6.Hygiene and communicable diseases2727
7.Epidemiology and communicable diseases2525
8.Education and management5252
9.Statistics record and report24618
10.Training of lady health visitors32824
11.Leadership management and supervision502624
*course is accorng to NEB guidelines.