Dispenser - Courses

Paper A

Section 1
Pharmacy and pharmacology

Section 2
Basic Concepts of following Systems of Human Body
Record Keeping and Maintenance of Registers

Paper B

Section – I
1. Drugs acting on Autonomic Nervous System (ANS)
2. Drugs used in Glaucoma
3. Drugs used in Angina
4. Drugs used in Hypertension
5. Drugs acting on Respiratory System
6. Antibiotics and Chemotherapeutic Agents
7. Drugs used in the treatment of Tuberculosis, Leprosy, Amoebiasis, Malariaand Anthelmintics.
8. Hormones
9. Drugs Acting on Blood
10. Locally Acting Drugs
11. Drugs acting on Gastrointestinal Tract
12. Drugs acting on Central Nervous System
13. Treatment of Over-dosage and Poisoning
14. Basic Concepts and First Aid Management of diseases

Section – II
1. Sterilization, Principles of sterilization as applied to operation theatre, dressings, hands andskin, preparation of hypodermic injections, syringes.
2. Artificial respiration.
3. Basic concepts and First Aid treatments of burns, fractures, heat stroke,dehydration.
4. Practical training in emergency procedures and anesthesia.
5. Charting of temperature and pulse.
6. Pattern of Treatment Chart, Investigation Forms.
7. Use of common clinical appliances (Thermometer, BP Apparatus), sterilizer,lumbar puncture needle, splints etc.).
8. Virus, bacteria, fungus.
9. Elementary knowledge of sera, vaccines, toxins and antitoxins i.e. anti-tetanustoxoid, anti-diphtheria toxoid, anti-rabic vaccine, anti-snake venom, anti-gasgangrene serum, and vaccines for cholera, typhoid, whooping cough, influenza,poliomyelitis, typhus, plague, T.B., measles etc.
10. Storage of drugs, vaccines, transportation, their validity, stock taking andlabelling.
11. Routine urine, blood and sputum examination and other routine examinationsand normal values. Sample collecting for laboratory tests and their properdisposal.
12. Blood Grouping and Blood Transfusion.
13. Basic knowledge of Expanded Programme of Immunization (E.P.I.). HealthcareSystem – Introduction, Environmental Protection.
14. Diarrhoeal diseases and their control, oral rehydration therapy. Vaccine Chain.
15. Storage of Equipment:Bedding and clothing, surgical instruments and rubber goods.
16. ShockDefinition, types and First Aid management.
17. Preparation of Emergency Room:Minor Surgical Procedures in following conditions:Hernia, Hydrocele, Lipoma, Fibroma, Episiotomy,And Lumbar Puncture.